OPPAIR screw air compressor is the most used power resource in modern industrial production

OPPAIR screw air compressor is the most used power resource in modern industrial production. It is the main "air source" necessary for conventional factories. It is one of the commonly used mechanical power equipment in many enterprises. Basically, air compressors are used in all walks of life. , so the normal operation of the air compressor is the key to protecting the interests of users, and it is very necessary to ensure the safe operation of the air compressor

1. Strictly implement the safe operation procedures and environmental protection requirements of the OPPAIR screw air compressor, and conduct regular preventive tests and inspections.
Strengthen the safety management of OPPAIR screw air compressors. The use of air compressors must be strictly in accordance with the safe operation procedures, and at the same time meet the requirements of environmental protection.
Enterprises should regularly maintain and test the OPPAIR screw air compressor.

2. Standardize and sort out various usage materials, and do a good job in filing the OPPAIR screw air compressor inspection records, daily maintenance records, fault diagnosis records and other related materials.
Enterprises should organize and store files, and keep records and archives of air compressor maintenance plans, daily inspection records, routine maintenance records, and fault diagnosis records.
Equipment management personnel should make records, and should record every situation (damage and repair method) in the technical file of the air compressor for future reference and accumulate historical data for the air compressor equipment

3. Equipment management personnel should actively improve the standard procedures and systems for air compressor operation, and continuously improve the management level of air compressor maintenance status.
Enterprises should set up corresponding OPPAIR screw air compressor equipment management personnel, and managers should actively improve and perfect the equipment management system to ensure that the air compressor can reach a standard state of long-term and stable operation.



4. Establish a sign system for the operating status of the OPPAIR screw air compressor.

The equipment management personnel of the enterprise should establish a sign system for the operation status of the air compressor, and more clearly define the equipment status of the air compressor on site, including the air compressor waiting for operation, running, waiting for maintenance, and repairing.
At the same time, establish the maintenance information characteristic parameter index of the air compressor equipment, the capacity index and accuracy index of the air compressor, etc.


5. Formulate working standards for maintenance status management of OPPAIR screw air compressors.

Including air compressor operating procedures, maintenance procedures, overhaul procedures and state inspection and testing procedures.

6. Establish OPPAIR screw air compressor management rules and regulations and work flow.
Including air compressor related operation, maintenance, inspection, planned maintenance and other management systems.

7. Strictly implement the maintenance system of the OPPAIR screw air compressor
Correct and reasonable use of air compressors, correct and reasonable use of air compressor maintenance consumables, correct and reasonable maintenance of air compressors.
Practice the OPPAIR screw air compressor inspection system
Strictly practice the daily inspection and inspection system of all air compressors in use, do a good job in information registration, and master the technical status information of air compressors.
Do a good job in the patrol inspection system of the key points and pipelines of the air compressor, report the abnormalities found in the inspection in time, and carry out maintenance and repairs in a planned way to control and reduce the occurrence of failures.

Post time: Aug-19-2022